“Positivity and realism are words that come to mind when I think about Mental Health Practitioner Ashley Zimmerman LMHCA, MHP, RYT. Having experienced co-teaching therapeutic groups for individuals in recovery from eating disorders, I witnessed Zimmerman’s excellent ability to meet patients at their vulnerability while integrating core coping skills such as distress tolerance, radical acceptance, emotion regulation and dialectic behavior therapy. In addition, Zimmerman’s embodied movement knowledge and experience offers many a bridge from life hardships to authentic expression, healing and action. I highly recommend her services.” - Shannon Fenster, MS, CN, LMT



“Ashley is a highly attuned, empathic, and skilled therapist. She gives each client the incredible gift of her presence and undivided attention, allowing them to feel heard, understood, safe, and cared for. Ashley uses both her clinical knowledge and intuition to meet clients in their current state and help advance them to where they want to go within the therapy session and in their life.” -Lauren Drake LICSW, MHP


Rest & Resilience Yoga

“Ashley has an extraordinary ability to bring healing to areas in my life that felt broken. She is incredibly wise and gentle in her approach and made me feel completely at ease and comfortable, melting into each restorative yoga pose or exercise she walked me through. I always leave my sessions with her with a renewed sense of calm, clarity and hope for my future.” -Candi H. (Movement Session Participant)

Therapeutic Movement

“Past trauma, although processed verbally and emotionally, had some residual effects on me. Memories had been stored in my body and when triggered, the sensations were difficult to manage at times. After practicing regular movement classes with you I noticed a transformation happening to me. The trauma memories and sensations that had been dampening my body were quieting and a renewal of my body, mind and spirit started to take over me. The combination of a nurturing, safe and nonjudgmental space created a new story for me and my body. For me this was not a conscious process, it was just happening naturally under your guidance. I feel safe and empowered in my own skin for the first time in a long time.” Joanna (Movement Session Participant)

Experiential Movement

Somatic Therapies create space to reconnect with your body, soul and mind through an experiential process. Initiating breath awareness and practicing mindfulness can grow a person's window of tolerance and neuroplasticity. Movement also provides an outlet for self-discovery partnered with an emotional and physical release.