A holistic approach to therapeutic engagement of mind + body. Viewing you as a whole person, inviting deeper integration & narrative play.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Counseling Services

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45-53 mins {adults & adolescents}
$110 - $150

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My therapeutic style is psychodynamic and depth oriented. While integrating attachment theories, I come from a theoretical lens that believes the therapeutic relationship has capacity to bring significant healing to harmful narratives. Moving towards embodiment is long term, lifestyle work. Trauma often disrupts feelings of safety within the body. I work with anyone who is willing to engage their truth in a real and authentic way.

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Somatic therapies can be a significant part of longterm healing. Maybe you want to have a kinder relationship with your body after years of struggling with body image stories that are more critical in nature; or desire fresh tools for processing the residual aftereffects of post traumatic stress and body memories that linger. Whatever you’re facing movement therapies have a unique capacity to offer you a sense of agency in allowing yourself to experience new feelings in the body such as safety, rest and embodied trust. I work collaboratively with you to uncover negative thought patterns you might have internalized. Together we peer into how these ideas play out in your daily life and influence your ability to accept yourself as you are.


Rest & Resilience Yoga

45 mins $75 | 60 min $100

Cultivating inner awareness helps a person reclaim a sense of self agency. Trauma informed yoga is about increasing somatic trust by listening when you desire to soften into a restorative shape or crave more expansion. Research reveals benefits of yoga for trauma survivors includes: reducing symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety. The instructor offers a sense of containment and guidance, while you practice breath and reconnection with innate body wisdom.


Authentic Movement

45 mins $75 | 60 min $100

Dance Movement Therapy is a unique outlet for expression that cultivates safety, growth and connection. For centuries people have used dance as a way of storytelling. Sometimes words fail to articulate unique life experiences and talk therapies reach their limitations, this is when other research based modalities can be helpful.


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